BOUNDLESS - CFC Lite Vaporiser

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Even though the Boundless CFC Lite Dry Herb Vaporizer is small, it gives you some adjustability in temperature via its three pre-set modes. You switch between each mode by pressing and holding the button to choose either:

  • 196°C (385°F) – blue light on button
  • 206°C (403°F) – green light on button
  • 216°C (421°F) – red light on button.

When you change modes, the light on the button will pulse in the colour that represents that temperature mode and stop pulsing when ready to vape. This is a pretty cool feature for such a small vapouriser but the Boundless CFC Lite has more features that might impress you:

  • Quick heat-up – ready to vape in about 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Conduction heating method – ensures smooth, clean vapour production.
  • Replaceable battery – comes with an 800mAh 18350 battery that’ll give you about 20min of dry herb vaping (three to six sessions).
  • LED battery light – there is an additional four small lights on the front of the vapouriser to indicate your battery level (more lights means more battery).
  • Good vapour flavour and surprisingly decent vape cloud production.
  • One button does it all – simple, easy use via a single button that turns the Boundless CFC Lite on/off (five clicks) and changes temperature modes (press and hold).
  • Small and light-weight – dry herb vapourisers can get pretty large but this small dry herb vape keeps things simple, small and light, for easy and discrete carrying.
  • Rugged rubber coating – ridges on the Boundless CFC Lite body provide grip and a way for heat to escape while vaping.

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